About Us

Thermal imaging services

Thermographic Solutions provides independent specialist consulting thermography services to thousands of business across Australia. We are privately owned with our head office in Brisbane, QLD, but we operate nationwide.

We believe that preventative maintenance is the best way to protect your business and facilities from any unforeseen failures and disasters. Regular thermography inspections of your electrical assets allow us to identify electrical faults before their failure becomes a costly concern for your business. From start to finish, we can help you simplify any restoration and remediation jobs, or if you call us in early, we can help you prevent them in the first case.

Thermal imaging equipment and reporting

Our highly trained technicians use cutting-edge FLIR infrared equipment to capture and interpret thermal images. We use only the latest technology and software to generate, analyse and report any concerns to our clients A thermal inspection from us provides you with instant results in the form of feedback from our trained technician. Once we have completed the diagnostic inspection, we will then go away and produce a detailed report with your results, identifying any issues and accompanying crucial recommendations for your electrical assets.

All of our reports are precise, easy to understand and available within 48 hours of the completed inspection. They give a quick and comprehensive assessment of the situation, allowing you to carry out any necessary action or repairs.

Thermal imaging services

If you think you are in need of a thermal inspection, don’t put it off any longer. Contact our friendly team to assess whether our services are appropriate for you and how we can help you.