Schools and Universities

Thermal scans for your facilities

Operating a school or university, you are accountable for keeping both students and employees safe at all times. As your facilities are highly dependent on electrical systems, you need to maintain and properly service those systems to ensure the safety of your buildings. We want to help you identify and rectify any hazards before they turn into real incidents that put your students and staff members at risk.

Time, wear and adverse conditions can deteriorate electrical installations. For the most part, much of these installations goes unseen behind walls and in ceilings and it is downright impossible to tell if there are any problems with your property. While building and pest inspections are routine, it is less common for facility managers to have the foresight to have their building inspected for damage and faults in wiring and appliances. And by not having regular electricity safety inspections through thermal imaging, you run the risk of hefty repair costs when any faults are discovered later, but you are also putting your building and its people at risk for immediate safety hazards such as electrical fires and explosions.

At Thermographic Solutions, we provide comprehensive electrical and thermographic inspections. An inspection performed by us typically involves the following element:

  • Determining any electrical hazards
  • Evaluating the level of electrical service
  • Examining and testing all electrical and mechanical components
  • Measuring the radiant heat pattern
  • Identifying potential equipment failure

The independent team at Thermographic Solutions is experienced in all electrical aspects and we offer innovative electrical solutions for homeowners and property managers. We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic thermal imaging services to ensure your educational facilities’ electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a hazard to students, employees and the building itself.

Thermal scans for your facilities

No matter what your electrical needs are, our team of dedicated and highly skilled thermography inspectors is able to offer you a range of electrical solutions to suit all of your requirements.

If your education facilities are in need of a thermal imaging inspection, don’t put it off any longer. Contact our friendly team to find out how we can help you.