Infrared technology can keep your business safe

Electricity is one of the most important power sources we use daily, but if it’s not controlled adequately, it can cause serious harm to workers and damage to assets.

Electricity leaves next to no evidence of where it’s been and often it’s difficult to understand the different types of electrical failure. Faults in electrical equipment and building wiring can cause detrimental damage to property. Statistics show 20% of fires are caused by electrical faults in Australia.

Is your business equipped with the information to know what is responsible for electrical faults? Faulty construction, non-compliant installation or insufficient design? This is where infrared thermography comes in.

What is infrared thermography?

Infrared technology is a non-destructive technique that identifies temperature changes that could indicate problems like loose electrical connections or extreme friction in machinery and mechanical systems.

It was discovered by Herschel, a British astronomer in 1800 when he dispersed sunlight through a glass prism and measured the temperature of each colour. Herschel accidentally found an invisible light on the outside of the last visible colour with a higher temperature, now known as infrared.

Thermal imaging inspections detect these different temperature irregularities to allow action to be taken before a costly system failure occurs. This thermal technology can examine a large area at once with a camera like device that senses infrared emission and converts the emissions into a visual display.

Benefits of infrared thermography

Infrared thermography can detect possible serious faults before they have a chance to happen. In seconds, a survey of an electrical installation can reveal any irregular component temperatures preceding equipment failure.

The associated thermography condition monitoring reports at Thermographic Solutions can dramatically improve your safety management, energy requirements and your uptime. By evaluating thermal conditions of electrical and mechanical rotating equipment, they can deliver cost effective surveys to comply with annual safety, insurance and underwriters requirements.

Another benefit of thermal imaging is that your equipment can remain in operation and no production time is lost or interrupted. If production stops, that means your money stops.

Thermographic Solutions can carry out an inspection when a system is live with no inconvenience or downtime costs during or after the survey. If faults are discovered, corrective maintenance strategies can be planned and implemented before the system failure happens.

Infrared thermography from Thermographic Solutions

Thermographic Solutions are a proud independent provider of infrared thermography services which means there is no hidden agenda when identifying issues. They have no intentions of misrepresenting their data or finding faults that we then have to fix at your cost.

They provide independent recommendations and information while working closely together with your qualified personnel to provide baseline and real time thermal imaging reports.

If you think your business is in need of a thermal inspection, don’t put it off. Contact our friendly team to see whether our services are appropriate for you and how we can help.