Why do you need preventative maintenance?

For any industrial business or operation it’s important to find equipment and electrical problems before any failures occur

Problems that go undetected can inflict extensive and sometimes irreparable damage to your equipment and your business holistically. Thermographic electrical inspections use high-definition thermographic (Infrared) cameras to determine temperature changes in electrical mechanisms.

Thermographic solutions have put together some reasons to consider why your business needs to have regular preventative maintenance.

Find faulty or failing components early

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell when a piece of equipment is about to fail as there are no visible warning signs.

Thermographic imaging is used to detect temperature irregularities and it also works well with concealed equipment. By finding possible problems early, they can be fixed so that there is no down time for your business.

Save money on maintenance and replacement costs

By having regular thermographic inspections, you can save on maintenance costs and the costs associated with replacing your failed equipment. By catching these issues early on, your equipment will last longer with fewer and less-frequent replacements overall.

Prevent fires and personal injury

If loose wiring, faulty breakers and other problems are left to get worse, they can easily cause a fire. Also, failed equipment can create safety hazards that have the potential to harm you or one of your employees.

Don’t take any chances! Predictive thermal inspections will help to protect your business and your staff from any dangerous conditions.

Avoid loss of production time

Even a small operating failure can shut down your operation for days, weeks, or even longer. By scheduling regular thermographic electrical inspections you can keep your operation up and running and productive at all times.

Schedule a thermographic inspection during regular business operations

Don’t shut down production because you have scheduled a thermographic electrical inspection. The best time Thermographic Solutions recommends scheduling a thermographic scan is when business is running as usual, as that is when most problems occur.

Your inspector will work around your equipment and personnel and you might even forget they are there.

Preventative maintenance from Thermographic Solutions

When you schedule a thermographic electrical inspection you will receive a comprehensive report from the inspector that includes any abnormalities found and recommended courses of action. If any issues arise that will need your immediate attention those will be focused on first.

If these thermographic inspections conducted regularly, you can prolong the life of your equipment, save on maintenance and replacement costs and you can protect your business from down time and other disasters.

For more information on preventative maintenance, or to book in a thermographic scan for your business, contact Thermographic Solutions today.